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three months after the unveiling of the NSA Snowden is Europe moved This is despite the outrage expressed by free speech groups and high-profile authors such as Stephen Fry, who recently lent his name to a letter to European leaders to take up the fight against espionage by American and British intelligence services. Read more about survival after a diagnosis of cancer in Europe is associated with the amount governments More EU (European Union) government spending on health, less death after diagnosis of cancer in this country, according to new research that will be presented to the 2013 European Cancer Congress (ECC2013) [1] , in Friday in. .. Read more about Medical Xpress
Researchers see a return to in Europe rare animals Berlin (AP) – wild boar, gray wolves and eagles Marine scene made in Europe, decades of conservation efforts. A study published Thursday in the London Zoological Society maintains dozens of species was built … Read more about machine Free Trade Zone Investment Promotion Europe , EC official says Shanghai Free Trade Zone, which will be launched tomorrow, will attract more European companies to invest on the mainland overlooking facilitated market access, the EU official said. “The challenge for European companies expanding into Asia … Read more about machine